Due to the pandemic we are not accepting new students or visitors. 

Times not listed. Basic description below.

We will update as things normalize.

Regular classes: Tue, Thu, Sun include self defense, drilling technique, live drills & sparring. (Fundamentals usually is self defense, drilling technique, & sometimes live drills. Advanced we do some advanced technique, live drills, and sparring).

Striking & Grappling: 12-16 oz boxing gloves & mouth piece are required. After a brief warmup we work on fundamental striking. Then we put it to use to close the distance for the clinch. We also work takedowns, striking on the ground, and grappling. This class adds some realism and puts it all together. (Note: this is a fast pace class, a decent knowledge of the basics on the ground are required. Recommended experience level: at least 3-4 months of regular classes)